Why Reiki for Animals?

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Animals are inherently more aware of energy – they typically use this awareness to determine if strangers are friend or foe, and many naturally appear to be very accepting of reiki’s gentle healing energy. Animals will often push and position their bodies into the practitioner’s hands to show exactly where they wish to receive energy healing.

As with humans, Reiki may benefit animals with physical, mental or emotional issues, and consequently this holistic complementary therapy may also be of help for animals with behavioural problems that have an emotional basis or influence.

Any animal, big or small, can receive and benefit from reiki, and treatments usually take place in the animal’s own environment, where they are more at ease.

The benefits of reiki for animals include:

  • Calms nervousness and anxiety

  • Reduces stress

  • Relieves pain

  • Supports overall health and wellbeing

  • Heals emotional trauma such as abuse, loss, neglect, and transitions

  • Promotes healing from illness, pain, and medical conditions

  • Supports a healthy immune system

  • Eases end-of-life transition

  • Soothes high-strung and hypersensitive animals

  • Reduces behavioural challenges and aggressive tendencies

  • Increases vitality and stamina

  • Great for assisting rescues to transition into a new home and family


A typical animal reiki session lasts around 30 minutes.


The £20.00 fee includes travel up to 5 miles from my location at CF31 1ND – additional miles are charged at 50p/mile. Other arrangements/locations are possible – feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements!

Longer sessions for you AND your pet, or for multiple pets, are also available - check the Prices section or contact me.