Are You Really "Useless"?

What if you didn’t need to judge or berate yourself when you feel you don’t measure up?

I so often hear putdowns like “I’m rubbish at languages” or “I’m useless with technology”. Well, here’s the thing – we humans create meaning out of any situations we find ourselves in, and different people will create different meanings out of the same situations.

So why not make a better choice? Why not shift our perspective to create a meaning which is more sympathetic, supportive, helpful to us – and, dare I say it, probably more balanced?

This shift in perspective is called “reframing”. Try it: if you’re not keen on baking, instead of saying you’re useless at it, say “I don’t like baking”- which is the truth anyway. Notice the difference?

Staying with the same example, baking might be something you want to learn, or want to improve on, or even something which, for any reason, you might need to add to your skillset, or… just something you’re simply not interested in.

Do you really need to pick every battle? Each single solitary battle? So your mate or work colleague makes jaw-dropping cakes. Good on them! Is it “your thing”? Is it your battle?

Know your preferences. It’s ok to be you. It’s also ok to not have a preference for baking, cooking, writing, painting, jogging, public speaking, learning languages, or anything else. And it’s ok to express it, too.

Celebrate being YOU, you unique, valuable, wonderful creature!

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