Why Past Life Regression?

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Past life regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing a person’s past incarnations.

In some cases, an issue seems not to have a direct cause. You might have tried different forms of therapy, and even had some results, but not complete success. In these cases, it may well be that the issue did not originate in this lifetime; therefore, it will be best treated by accessing it where it formed, and setting up boundaries between that lifetime (or those lifetimes) and this one.

Past life regression is an active therapy, where you will fully participate in the process, and it’s a full sensory experience: you will not only visualise situations, but you may be able to hear sounds and voices, be aware of your sense of touch, and recall specific smells and tastes.

You might want to try past life regression simply out of curiosity, to see how you lived in the past. Or you might be on a path of personal growth and healing. Or you might be experiencing a stubborn issue which resists treatment with other forms of therapy, for example:

  • relationship issues (including inexplicable attraction/aversion to someone)

  • vivid dreams or recurring nightmares

  • fears or phobias that have no apparent cause

  • treatment-resistant addictions, including overeating

  • déjà vu experiences

  • feeling stuck in life


No two journeys are the same, with past life regression – you might revisit memories from one lifetime or fragments of different ones. You might be able to make connections that you were unable to before - perhaps finally providing you with some explanation, or a sense of internal peace. You might hesitate on the threshold of a specific memory, knowing it holds a traumatic event – in which case, I will offer you a choice and comfortable ways of going about it, if that is your wish. It is important to remember that, just like in other forms of hypnosis, you always have ultimate control over the process.


A past life regression session with me is an hour and a half, and the cost is £75.00. I can also travel to your location – up to 5 miles from CF31 1ND is included in my fee; any additional miles are charged at 50p/mile.


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