Why Hypnotherapy?

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Have you ever 'zoned out' while driving? Then you have experienced trance – your unconscious competence enables you to safely function while another part of your mind daydreams. You might arrive at your destination with barely any conscious memory of the journey you just took!

What about becoming deeply engrossed in a movie or a book? Two hours can fly by without you noticing. Try doing the same thing standing in the rain waiting for a bus! Your brain is clearly operating differently with respect to memory and time in these two situations.

The deepest trance state you experience is when you are dreaming. You are completely immersed in a self-created imaginary reality – and when we enter hypnosis, we are entering the REM state while awake. That's essentially what hypnosis is - accessing REM when not asleep.





What you will experience is a deep state of relaxation. Although the root hypno means “sleep”, you will always be aware and in control, and be able to access the conscious and unconscious layers of your mind at the same time. Your critical mind will be quieted, and you will be calm and receptive. That’s when the therapy part will take place, with suggestions for behavioural changes. Your subconscious will only retain and implement those suggestions which resonate and are in harmony with you.





The results of hypnotherapy are overwhelmingly positive and effective. Success stories and clinical research attest to the benefits of this technique. Hypnosis is used to stop smoking, lose weight, manage pain or anxiety, create confidence, remember forgotten information, stop addictions, conquer phobias or improve motivation, health and wellbeing.


In addition to hypnotherapy, I have many other tools in my “toolbox”, which I will use flexibly to personalise your treatment and make it as effective as possible for you. My aim is always to give you the best results in the shortest possible time, and make it cost-effective for you. Therefore, in a session with me you might also experience Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EMDR, Havening, or elements of mindfulness and CBT. I will also teach you simple techniques to empower you to take control of your wellbeing in your day-to-day life.

Unlike some other therapists, once we have completed a small number of sessions, my aim is to not see you again – not for the same issue, anyway!


A hypnotherapy session with me is an hour and a half, which gives you time to effect real change, and the cost is £75.00. You can save money by purchasing a package of three - but please talk to me first, as some issues can be resolved in one or two sessions only!